Tips For Keeping Roaches Out Of Your House

11 July 2017
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A roach infestation is annoying and embarrassing. You never know when a roach will scurry across the floor when you have guests. Roaches also contaminate your food and dishes since they like to live in your kitchen. If you have a bad infestation, roaches can even make your home smell bad. No matter how you look at it, roaches are terrible pests to have in your home. The quickest and best way to get rid of them is to call in an exterminator. Once they're gone, you can use these tips to keep them from coming back so you won't have a roach problem again:

Don't Leave Dirty Dishes Out Overnight

Leaving dirty dishes in the sink is a good way to invite a roach problem, especially if you put the dishes to soak in water. Roaches are drawn to water as much as they are food, and when the water contains grease and bits of food from dirty dishes, the roaches are in paradise. You may even find dead roaches floating in your dishwater the next morning as evidence they've been snacking on the dirty water. Remember to do your dishes before going to bed at night or pack them in the dishwasher so they don't attract roaches.

Dry Out Your Sink Cabinet

Roaches are fond of damp places, so if you have a water drip under your sink, roaches will be happy to move in. The water doesn't necessarily have to come from a plumbing leak. The backsplash area might leak when you splash water, or there could be a tiny gap around the sink that lets water drip through. It doesn't take much water to keep the cabinet floor damp, and if you keep the cabinet full of cleaning supplies and rags too, it will be the perfect breeding ground for roaches.

Seal The Kitchen Door

If you have a door in the kitchen that leads to the backyard, make sure it doesn't have a gap along the bottom or sides. Roaches can squeeze through small gaps and get inside your house when searching for food. If you have plants and mulch close to your house, there is a good chance roaches are living under the piles of leaves where it is damp. It's a short trip from your yard to your house so be sure there are no holes they can sneak through.

The most effective way to keep roaches under control is to have regular treatments from an exterminator. The insecticide kills roaches you currently have and it also has a residual effect that keeps killing new roaches for weeks. Your exterminator comes back when it is time to apply new pesticide, so you never have to worry about roaches taking over your house again.

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