Adorn Plain White Curtains With Felt Zebras

8 August 2017
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

If your toddler likes zebras and you are going to redecorate their bedroom with some items that have zebras on them, the following project will teach you how to adorn plain white curtains with felt zebras and the steps necessary won't require any sewing. After completing the upgrade, hang some framed pictures of zebras in the room to complement the window coverings. You'll need:


  • detergent
  • bleach
  • washing machine
  • dryer
  • ironing board
  • iron
  • measuring tape
  • fabric pen
  • stencils
  • felt (multiple colors)
  • scissors
  • fusible web
  • sewing pins
  • zebra prints
  • picture frames
  • hardware
  • drill

Launder, Press, and Mark The Fabric

Remove the curtains from rods and launder the curtains in a washing machine. Add mild detergent and a small amount of bleach to the washing machine's basin after filling the basin with water. After the wash cycle is complete, place the curtains in a dryer that is set to a low temperature. Lay each curtain across an ironing board and use an iron to lightly press the fabric.

After purchasing or printing a zebra stencil that you would like to trace on pieces of felt, use a measuring tape and fabric pen to mark the portions of each curtain that you plan to add a zebra to. Lay stencils on white and black pieces of felt and use sharp scissors to cut out zebra bodies and stripes from each piece of material.

Use Fusible Web To Attach Stripes To The Bodies

Lay the zebra bodies and stripes across a large piece of fusible web. Use a fabric marker to trace the felt pieces. Cut out the fusible web pieces. Place the zebra bodies on top of an ironing board. Lay the stripes across each zebra's body and place a fusible web strip in between each stripe and zebra body. Plug in an iron and turn the iron on to a high setting. Move the iron across the stripes. As steam is emitted from the iron, the fusible web strips will melt. As a result, the stripes will be permanently secured to the each zebra's body. 

Secure The Zebras To Curtains And Hang Pictures In The Room

Lay one of the curtains on top of the ironing board. Set zebras on top of marked portions of the fabric. Place a piece of fusible web under each zebra. Use sewing pins to hold the zebra shapes and fusible web in place. Move an iron slowly across each zebra. After the fusible web has melted, remove the pins from the felt and curtains. Hang the curtains from rods.

Secure photographs of zebras inside of picture frames. After deciding where to hang the pictures, use a power drill to secure hardware to the bedroom's walls before hanging the pictures. Contact a company like Landis Decorating Inc for more information and assistance.