Surprising Facts Every Homeowner Should Know About Metal Roofs When They Need A New Covering For Their Home

15 August 2017
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If you have admired metal roofs in recent years, but thought that it wasn't the right option for domestic use home, you might be surprised to discover that they are appropriate for many residential properties. For instance, your new acquisition is likely to present with noise dampening properties and you can install a new metal roof over your existing unit. Therefore, when you need to have a better understanding of the practical applications of a metal roof, it's best to be aware of the following information. 

Metal Roofs Can Diminish Outside Sounds

One common concern for many homeowners has often been the fear that a new metal roof is going to sound like the old roof on a barn that amplified rain. Fortunately, that is not true, given that the typical metal roof is going to installed over a solid substrate.

In addition, furring strips are a common addition to the construction of a metal roof, particularly of the unit is being placed over an existing roof. Those strips provide more noise reduction and can be used in conjunction with plywood sheathing for better results. By extension, you can expect your new metal roof to produce the same amount of sound or less than many of the more common roofing materials in use today, including those made of asphalt.  

It's Not Always Necessary To Remove Your Current Roof

Another issue for homeowners has frequently pertained to the need to remove the damaged roof that is currently in use, given that the cost of doing so adds to the overall cost of the project. You'll probably be pleased to discover that it's often possible for your new roof to be installed over the unit in place now without any extra or expensive effort. The previously mentioned furring strips are probably going to be necessary, and vented metal roofs are usually the better option in order to divert vapors, humidity, etc. from turning into mold.

As long as adequate and secure ventilation is provided for and both the foundation and construction of the home itself can support that additional weight, your home is quite likely to be fine with the use of two roofs. However, reinforcing the home may be necessary to supply extra support to the foundation or construction of the home. In addition, it would be very rare for a home to be able to support more than two roofs, if issues with the new roof were to occur in the future. Since metal roofs can last 70 years, that's not much of a concern.            

In conclusion, metal roofs have become increasingly popular recently and present with unique benefits that you should be aware of when you are determining an appropriate roofing replacement for your home. As a result, the above information will be quite useful. Visit a site like for more help.