How Can You Clean Your New Blinds?

22 August 2017
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After window blinds have been put up, you might use them often and enjoy the varying levels of light they allow into the living space. However, after some weeks, you may notice dust collecting on them. That's not unusual, but don't ignore that dust until it's thick and somewhat unsightly. Instead, keep blinds dust-free and clean by rotating through the tips here.

Dunk Them in the Bathtub

Sometimes an easy solution is best for vinyl blinds. Unscrewing the blinds with an electric screwdriver, gathering them in your arms and taking them to the tub full of soapy water is such a solution. Using a sponge, you can reach all the slats. When you're satisfied that you've gotten all the dust, dry the blinds with some of your bath towels before re-hanging. If it's a nice day, you may wrap the blinds in a plastic sheet and lie them out in the yard until dry. In fact, any sunny day could be a chance to skip the tub altogether; you can hose the blinds with water before putting them out on sheets.

Use Sock "Gloves"

Either vinyl or wood blinds will respond to dry wiping of individual slats. An exceedingly simple way to wipe them is to get out an old sock and stick your hand inside to form a "glove". Use your gloved hand to make your way through all the slats. For slats with tough stains, some soapy, warm water on the glove will help. Don't want wet fingers? Start with a clean, rubber glove beneath the sock.

Paint with Fabric Softener

Wood blinds are not always easy to keep clean because exposing them to water isn't good for the slats. Luckily, you can still use a liquid to clean them: fabric softener. A small paintbrush can serve as an applicator. "Painting" is followed up by additional wiping with microfiber cloths or old cotton shirts.

Wipe with Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets slide across blinds, attracting any particles and leaving slats clean. The sheets are just fine for both wood and vinyl blinds.

Vacuum Slats

With an attachment, sucking all the dust particules into the vacuum is yet another cleaning option. This method is usually best for very new blinds that don't have stains or hard-to-remove grime.

Maintain the beauty of new blinds by figuring out which cleaning techniques are most effective for the window treatments you've got. A professional at companies like World Class Window Coverings may have more methods to try.