Decorate Your Garden With A Statue Water Fountain

11 October 2017
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A water fountain offers many advantages to your landscaping. Not only does it provide the soothing sound of water music, but you get the gorgeous interplay of water and light. Naturally, the fountain also adds beauty to your garden — especially if you choose a statue water fountain.

Choose the Fountain

Statue water fountains are the most iconic, engendering images of quaint Italian plazas. However, you still have many options for your water fountain. You could choose the traditional lady with an urn or cherub. However, it's possible to find cute children or animal statues as part of your fountain. Some fountains even incorporate a Buddha statue. Choose a statue water fountain based on the style of garden you want, be it traditional, whimsical, or Zen.

Pick the Location

The location of your water fountain will be somewhat dictated by its size — you want it to be in scale with the landscaping. Likewise, water pumps are electric, so you have to consider where your electrical source is located. From there, the Landscaping Network also recommends placing the fountain so it both masks street noise and provides water music for your outdoor living.

Plan a Backdrop

There are two ways to display a garden water fountain — as a focal point or as an accent. Either way, you want the statue fountain to have a pleasing backdrop. If you're using the fountain as an accent piece, it may be tucked away among lush foliage — just make sure it's not placed so the foliage drops into the water. If the fountain is a garden focal point, view the site from afar, especially the house or patio. A planting bed with color and texture may provide a faraway backdrop for your fountain.

Add Landscaping around the Fountain

Your chosen display style will also help drive your landscaping. For a focal point fountain, you'll probably add symmetrical border plants, such as pretty rows of flowers around the base. For an accent piece, the plantings are likely to be asymmetrical. For instance, imagine placing the fountain off-center to a flowering bush and adding clusters of flowers and plants in front of the base. You may even want to hide the base of the fountain so passersby "discover" it while walking around your garden.

Consider a Pathway by the Fountain

In that vein, a pathway may be an attractive complement to your fountain installation. Indeed, if it's a focal point, you may want to design a pathway that leads directly to the fountain. However, you can also design a meandering garden path that just "happens" to pass by your water fountain.

Add beauty to your landscaping with a statue water fountain.