Weed Woes? What Homeowners Can Do About Common Lawn Weeds

20 April 2018
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

Do you secretly dread the arrival of spring each year because you know that it means dealing with a new crop of uninvited and unwelcome plants in your lawn? Dandelion, purslane, clover, and plantain, are four of the most common volunteer plants found in home lawns and landscaping today. If you are once again preparing to do battle with these or other common weeds, here are some strategies that can help. 

Embrace them

While you have no doubt already noticed that dandelion, purslane, clover, and plantain are tenacious and able to spread rapidly, you may not have considered that as a positive quality. With each of these plants being safe for human consumption, one possible way to deal with them is to simply embrace them as a source of free, tasty, and highly nutritious food. 

For instance, young tender leaves from these plants are delicious in salads, soups, stir fries, or as wilted greens. Dandelion flowers can be battered and quickly fried for a crunchy snack or side dish and the entire dandelion plant is also considered highly useful by natural health practitioners for its medicinal properties. 

These plants, along with many others that are commonly considered to be weeds, also provide food for honey bees and many other insects and animals in nature. 

Eradicate them

If you remain unconvinced that eating your weeds is a palatable option, then eradicating them is the next step to consider. The first step in any good eradication strategy begins with discouraging the offending weeds from making their home in your lawn.

Since the growth of many types of weeds are linked to the condition and nutrient value of the soil, having a soil test should be considered. Once the results of the test are known, homeowners can work with a soil quality expert to determine what supplements and fertilizers will be helpful in boosting soil health to discourage future weed growth. 

Along with testing and amending the soil, homeowners who want to do away with weed growth should consider applying a safe, but effective weed control product to their lawn. 

Before purchasing or applying any weed control product, take time to learn which product is safe and effective to apply for your area and situation. Your weed control product supplier can help you with any application and usage questions, as well as help you choose a sprayer, spreader, or applicator that will help you distribute the product safely, economically, and effectively to ensure the best possible results. Visit a site like http://www.asepestandweedsupplies.com for more help.