Creating a Contemporary Family Room: Furnishing Ideas to Complete the Look

30 May 2018
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

When it comes to your family room, you want your furniture to be comfortable and functional. This is the room that everyone in the home uses to relax, play games, or watch TV together, but that doesn't mean you can't create a stylish look for the room. With the right contemporary touches from a furniture store like Modern Home 2 Go, you and your family can enjoy a wonderful space that offers contemporary style. Here are a few options to consider for your family room makeover.

Modular Coffee Tables

Instead of choosing one solid coffee table, consider a modular design. Some modular tables consist of smaller tables, which can be arranged for game nights or even sitting on the floor to enjoy snacks while watching TV. Other designs feature multiple compartments and levels, bringing visual interest to the room along with storage space for video game controllers, remotes, and other family room essentials. Look for a design with clean lines and a simple silhouette to create the contemporary look you crave.

Convertible Seating

Just as with a modular coffee table, convertible seating can provide flexible solutions for all of your family's favorite activities. Sofas that convert into loungers and beds can be great for camping out in the living room, while convertible sectionals let you set up each piece of the sofa to create cozy seating arrangements. For example, a modular convertible sectional can be divided into a sofa and lounger, and the L-shaped corner pieces can even be used to create a perfect standalone seat for two little ones watching TV together. Don't forget to invest in an ottoman, which can also work as a bench or coffee table.

Wall-Mounted Entertainment Centers

Wall-mounted entertainment centers offer a chic, modern way to store your home entertainment components. They work well with wall-mounted televisions, as they can be placed at the perfect height to complement your TV. Because they are affixed to the wall, these entertainment centers are ideal for small spaces. They take up no floor space and leave more room for you and your family to stretch out and enjoy programming together. Look for a design with open compartments for streaming devices, cable boxes, and DVD players so you can easily use your remotes with each one, and choose an entertainment center with concealed storage drawers or cabinets to house your DVD or video game collection.

Head to your local furniture store for inspiration, and use these ideas to create the main focal points in your contemporary family room.