Avoid Septic System Flooding With These Tips

27 November 2019
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Do you have a septic tank on your property? If so, you likely live in a rural area. Unfortunately, some homeowners do not realize the importance of maintaining your septic system. This can lead to extensive damages. Flooding is one potential consequence. The following points will give you more information and how to reduce your chances of experiencing a septic system flood.

Restrict Water Usage in Inclement Weather

A saturated drain field cannot drain water efficiently. Adding water from rain or snow can result in too much water in the drain field. It is also important to drain precipitation away from your septic system with drainage systems, gutters, and downspouts. It is also important to note that during inclement weather, you may lose power momentarily. Your septic pump operates off of electricity and will not perform until the electricity is restored. Allowing water to sit in your tank without pumping it out could cause the watery contents to spillover.

Know the Dangers

There are numerous dangers associated with neglecting to pump your septic tank. Flooding wastewater can expose your family to harmful water. It can also be a nuisance if the flooding exceeds your property and flows onto a nearby neighbor's property. Breathing in the stench of the sewage can make others nauseous. If you do not know when your septic system was pumped last, contact the previous residents if you live in a pre-owned home. Another option is having an inspection to determine how full the tank is. Do not try to do this on your own.

Ensure the Septic Pumping

Septic pumping is necessary to ensure that waste removal is efficient. The septic tanks hold waste that leaves homes. This is not like homes that are located in municipalities. Their waste management system is usually taken care of by the city where they live. Individuals with septic tank systems are responsible for their own maintenance. This is likely a service that they hire a professional septic service company to perform. Ignoring the critical pumping schedule can result in flooding due to the tanks' capacity to hold waste. If there are many people in a home or frequent visitors, pumping may be required sooner.

A septic tank inspection services provider can explain to you how to protect your septic system. They can also explain why septic tank maintenance is necessary. Their inspection services can aid in determining whether you already have damages that are present due to neglecting your system.

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