Need To Cool Off Your House? 3 Types Of Air Conditioning Systems For Your Home

31 December 2019
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If you want to cool off your home, you need to install an air conditioner that will keep your home cool. When it comes to air conditioning systems, there are lots of different types of systems that can be installed.

System Type #1: Central Air Conditioning

The most popular type of air conditioning systems for home is the central air conditioning system. With a central air conditioning system, you have a unit both inside and outside of your home that helps to push air through a system of ducts. The air moves through a system of ducts and is dispersed into your home through vents. The vents are usually located on the floor, although in more recent builds, many of the vents are placed on the ceiling instead of on the ground.

Central air conditioning units can be expensive to install, but usually are highly efficient.

System Type #2: Mini-Split Air Conditioner

The second most popular types of air conditioning systems are mini-split air conditioners. These are ductless systems, which are often used in older homes that are being retrofitted with air conditioning systems.

With a mini-split air conditioner, a large vent-like system is attached to the interior wall of your home, usually near the ceiling. In the space outside of your home, an outdoor compressor is set-up. Usually up to four indoor units can be connected to one outdoor unit.

With a mini-split air conditioning system, you can control the temperature individually with each unit. This is great if you want more individual control over how you cool off your home.

System Type #3: Portable Air Conditioning Unit

Third, there is a portable air conditioning unit. A portable air conditioning unit is kind of a hybrid between a mini-split air conditioning unit and a window unit. You will have a large unit inside of your home that allows you to use zone heating, but you also need to vent the unit like a window air conditioning unit. You can vent the unit out through an exhaust hose that runs out of a window, or you can install a vent that goes from the interior to the exterior of your home to vent the cold air out.

When it comes to cooling off your home, if you want your home to be the same uniform temperature throughout, you should install a central air conditioning unit. If you want zone control, a mini-split air conditioner is a great solution. If you don't want to alter your home that much, a portable air conditioning may be the right choice.