Do You Have A Spider Problem? What You Can Do

8 June 2020
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

If you are having trouble with too many spiders in your home, you may be wondering what you should do about the situation. While spiders are beneficial in that they eat other insects, it is understandable to not want them taking up residence inside your house. Get to know some of the strategies you can use to deal with a spider problem in your house. Then, you can start using these methods as soon as possible. 

Use Essential Oils Around Entry Points

One of the ways to naturally get rid of and repel spiders is through the use of certain essential oils. Peppermint oil in particular is a great spider repellent.

Put a few drops of peppermint oil along window sills and doorways (and anywhere else you think spiders might be getting into the house). You can also dilute the oil with water to make a solution to spray on those areas. This will help to keep more spiders from coming into your home. Just know that you will periodically have to refresh the peppermint oil to maintain its effectiveness. 

Try Vinegar

If essential oils aren't really your thing or if you worry about pets getting into them, you could try using a spray of white distilled vinegar and water on doors, window sills, and baseboards. 

This can help a great deal with the spider issue in your home. Do this daily or every other day and you will see a dramatic decrease in the number of spiders in your home. 

Seal Off Your House

To truly get rid of a spider problem in your home, you will want to seal off their points of entry. This can include sealing gaps or holes around window and door frames, in the corners of rooms along the ceiling (where gaps and cracks can develop), and in the basement. Doing so will prevent most new spiders from being able to get into your house.

Call a Pest Control Services Company

If you cannot deal with or get rid of your spider problem on your own, you should contact a pest control services company. They can spray for spiders and other insects monthly and even help you to identify how the bugs might be getting into your house. Working with a pest control company will help save you the headache of dealing with the spiders yourself and will help to keep your home spider-free going forward. 

Now that you know more about what to do if you have a spider problem, you can contact a pest control services company right away to come and help you out.