What You May Not Know About Hardwood Floors

29 July 2020
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

Hardwood flooring has been a favorite with homeowners for generations. Hardwood floors are attractive, easy to maintain, and stand the test of time. There's also a lot of versatility when it comes to hardwood design, and various patterns and finishes are available. While there are plenty of obvious benefits to installing hardwood in your home, there are also some benefits that you may not know about. Here are three things that you may not know about hardwood floors.

They Are Hypoallergenic

One thing that you may not know about hardwood flooring is that if you are an allergy sufferer, hardwood can help with your symptoms. Hardwood flooring is hypoallergenic and can increase your home's overall air quality. Due to their smooth surfaces, hardwood floors do not trap dust, dander, and other allergens like other types of flooring materials. Hardwood is also easy to clean, something that can help keep your home free of allergens. You can simply sweep up or vacuum any allergens that may be tracked into your home.

They Can Increase Home Value

Replacing your home's flooring with hardwood can have a significant impact on your home's value. If you plan on selling your home, installing wood flooring can be a very smart decision. You can see an increase of three to five percent in home value by installing wood floors. In many areas across the country, hardwood floors offer a fantastic return on investment. If you are looking for ways to increase your home's value, then hardwood is something that you should consider. Just make sure that you choose wood flooring that is classic and will appeal to potential buyers if you want to sell in the future.

They Can Be Refinished Multiple Times

Hardwood floor refinishing is something that can be done when your floors start to lose their luster. Refinishing involves sanding off the old finish and its flaws and then adding a new finish to your floors. Hardwood floor refinishing can make old, worn-out floors look brand-new. Solid planks can be sanded and refinished four to ten times. Refinishing your floors will extend their lifespan. Your hardwood flooring can last for decades before replacement will be necessary.

If you are considering hardwood floors for your home, there are a few things that you should know. First, if you suffer from allergies, hardwood is a fantastic option since it is hypoallergenic. Hardwood can also increase your home's value and is an excellent investment. Finally, hardwood can be refinished multiple times, something that can extend its lifespan in your home. 

To learn more about hardwood floors, contact a flooring contractor.