Fill Your Home with a Fresh Apple Scent During the Holidays

28 September 2020
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

Trash buildup, pets, and poor ventilation can trigger the onset of foul odors and make each return home from work one that is unsettling. Now that the weather is turning cooler and the holidays are quickly approaching, you may be looking forward to throwing some dinner parties. An apple-scented air freshener spray that is used inside of a tidy and well-ventilated area will tantalize your and your visitors' senses and make your living quarters appealing.

Get the Job Done

Working long hours and being burdened with a lot of household tasks can lead to procrastination, especially if you are choosing between giving your kitchen a complete overhaul and turning in for the night. If you want your home to be freshly-scented and organized, it'll require some effort but you won't need to complete the entire ordeal in one session.

Break down your chores so that you are focusing on one area at a time. For instance, if you are going to host most of your dinner parties in your dining area and your guests will have access to the kitchen area, pick one of these rooms first before moving on to another part of your home. During each cleaning stint, bag trash and place it outdoors in a secure container. Use bleach and disinfectants to clean non-porous surfaces. Install a couple fans or open a couple windows, to circulate air within each room.

Purchase plenty of apple scent air freshener spray so you can continue to mimic the scent of fresh apple pies or an apple orchard, whenever you prefer. Purchase sprays that contain an odor neutralizer so that you aren't merely masking odors.

Layer the Scent

An apple scent air freshener spray can be very effective, but you may want to try out some other products in conjunction with the spray. Use some oil warmers or potpourri that contains a similar fragrance to strengthen the apple aroma. Before spraying each room, move your pet to another part of your home so that the spray does not accidentally get into their eyes.

In addition to using a fragrance, use some visually appealing decorations that tie into the apple theme. A fruit arrangement that is set inside of a bowl and placed in the center of your table or some figures that are reminiscent of the countryside and a farm or an orchard will tie the scent and visual aids together to promote a natural vibe that reminds one of the outdoors.