Recommendations For Cleaning And Maintaining Motorized Window Blinds

5 April 2021
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

The aesthetics, privacy, and interior protection from the sun of your home interior are important details to consider as a homeowner, and the type of window blinds you install and use can make a big difference in their quality and condition. With motorized window blinds, you have the ease of use along with the features of window blinds to make them functional and an improvement to your lifestyle. Use these recommendations to help you take care of your home's motorized window shades.

Take Care of Your Blinds' Upkeep

Your window blinds are going to last you for many years when you provide them the right care and maintenance. Just as with any household system, furniture, or appliance, the better you care for your blinds, the longer they will look great and work perfectly each time you use them. Motorized window blinds are going to look nice inside your windows to block out sun, solar radiation, and the view from the outside, and you can install them on higher-elevation windows inside your home. 

But when they are motorized, you need to take care of their working parts to have them always work as needed. If your window blinds begin to squeak when they are operated, you can apply a small amount of lithium-based grease onto the blinds' idler pin where the rotation of the blinds is located. You can apply a small amount with a fine-tipped applicator bottle, or contact your blinds installation professional about maintenance that they can provide for you based on your blinds' warranty info. However, they can also provide you with the right type of grease and you can repair them with careful application so you don't stain the fabric on your blind.

Clean Regularly

Because your blinds are going to be used regularly and opened up to block the window, they are going to be exposed to dirt, dust, and insects. This debris can leave your blinds looking dusty, especially if you live in a dusty area. Dust collection along your motorized fabric blinds will stay on the fabric weave and leave it discolored. 

Use a vacuum with a long-handle hose and a nozzle brush attachment to clean off the surface of your blinds. Wipe downward on the blinds with your vacuum brush attachment to loosen and pull up dust from the surface of the fabric. If there is any staining on the blinds, be sure you vacuum off any dust before you use a damp cloth and liquid soap to clean the stain from the fabric. If your blinds are wood, vinyl or fabric, you can use a rubber sponge to clean them off and remove dirt build-up.

To learn more, contact a resource that carries motorized shades.