How To Keep Ceiling Fans In Great Condition For Years

11 June 2021
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

When you walk into a home, ceiling fans are one of the first features you notice. They vary in a lot of ways. If your home is fitted with them, here are some ways you can keep them in amazing condition over the years.

Tighten the Fasteners Consistently

Ceiling fans — when used often — will experience a lot of movement. That makes it easy for the fasteners that hold components together to gradually loosen over time. If you're able to tighten these fasteners consistently, this problem won't be that big of a deal.

You can use the appropriate tool and adjust fasteners that have become loose. That will prevent fasteners from falling out and also protect the components that the fasteners are holding in place, such as the blades that are attached to the main hardware. 

Lubricate If Necessary

Some ceiling fans will have lubrication requirements. Lubrication keeps the fan's motor operating efficiently so that it does not overheat at any point. If your ceiling fans require lubrication, then you need to perform this step on a consistent basis.

Find out what oil corresponds to your ceiling fans' motor and then apply the suggested amount. You should see a tiny reservoir for oil if your ceiling fans have this design. Performing this step is going to keep your ceiling fans operating smoothly, and it will also help to prevent the fan from getting too hot when it's used throughout the day. 

Monitor Unbalancing Issues

In order for ceiling fans to last for as long as possible, they need to always be balanced. That's going to keep the ceiling fans from wobbling and experiencing a lot of wear and tear. The moment you notice that one of your ceiling fans is performing in an unbalanced way, quickly respond.

You'll need to make adjustments to the center of the fan so that it doesn't wobble on either side. Instead, the fan should operate smoothly. If you're not able to fix this balancing issue, it might be a good idea to hire a ceiling fan repair contractor. They can make the right adjustments or even install new hardware that keeps the ceiling fans balanced each time they're used. 

Ceiling fans are integral systems that are included in most residential properties today. If you want your set to hold up and be safe to operate, take some time to maintain them on a routine basis. Then you can enjoy your ceiling fans without the constant fear of something going wrong. Contact a company that sells products like rustic ceiling fans to learn more.