Common Above Ground Pool Assumptions

19 May 2022
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

When you have decided to install a new swimming pool, you will need to decide between an in-ground or an above ground option. While above ground pools can offer a more affordable option for making this upgrade to your property, there are many assumptions that can make it hard for individuals to effectively evaluate these potential options.

Assumption: Above Ground Pools Will Not Require Digging Or Excavation Work

A common reason that individuals may choose an above ground pool is due to the more limited amount of digging and excavation work that will be needed to install it. However, you should be mindful that there will still need to be some excavation work performed to create a foundation for the above ground pool. Additionally, this is needed to ensure that the ground under the pool is as level as possible. Imperfections in the levelness of the ground can lead to the pool being more likely to suffer damage or encounter performance issues in the future.

Assumption: Above Ground Pools Are Difficult To Enter And Exit

Due to the height of above ground pools, individuals may assume that this option will always be difficult to enter and exit. However, there are numerous accessibility options for your above ground pool. In addition to a basic ladder on the exterior and interior of the pool, individuals will frequently choose to install decking around the pool, which can further enhance its accessibility. Step style entries and exits can also be utilized, and this can be an important option for those that have mobility issues that may make climbing a pool ladder difficult. It is best to incorporate these stairs into the original design of the pool, and there are pool contractors that can easily assist you with ensuring your pool meets your accessibility needs.

Assumption: An Above Ground Pool Will Be Easy To Damage

The durability of the pool is another important consideration when you are investing in this upgrade. While individuals may assume that an above ground pool will be very easy to damage, this is actually not the case as the frames for these pools are designed to be extremely sturdy. Some of these pool designs will also utilize a protective outer shell that will be extremely effective at protecting the liner, gutter system, and other components of the pool. As a result, individuals that choose modern above ground pools will find that they are a durable addition that could potentially last for decades before replacement is needed.

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