Want To Revamp Your Living Room? 4 Tips For Choosing Custom Blinds

11 July 2022
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

Your main living room is the center of attention in your house. The space provides a welcoming platform for your guests and loved ones to relax and enjoy your home's ambiance. Therefore, you might get confused when looking for suitable blinds for your living room. There are numerous styles, materials, and types of blinds to choose from. This piece will guide you if you have difficulty selecting the right blinds. Below are tips for customizing your window blinds. 

1. Blend With Drapes

Your living room will come to life if you find a way to blend different structures and features. Consider getting neutral-colored blinds that will accentuate your curtains. Take windows measurements carefully to achieve a seamless look when installing blinds.

A balance of dark-colored curtains with shiny aluminum blinds can help you get a sleek modern look in your living space. You could consult with an expert to help you determine how best to blend your curtains and blinds for a good-looking window treatment.

2. Think Long Term

It is easy to get carried by lifestyle trends. However, it is important to choose something outside the lines of current trends and instead go for something that will suit your living space in the long run.

Avoid cluttering your color choices when selecting blinds. Your windows often provide a focal point in a room. Therefore, choose colors that will serve your home even if you change furniture, add artwork, and replace carpeting. Always go for a timeless style and color palette.

3. Consider Privacy and Lighting

Living rooms are supposed to be warm and bright. Unlike in bedrooms, you may want to go for custom window blinds that allow moderate light into your home. Some have adjustable slats to allow you to adjust lighting conditions in your home.

If you live in an area where privacy could be an issue, installing window blinds might be a good solution. Venetian blinds have tilt-slat mechanisms to block intruders from prying and let in light from the upper sections. Voile fabric blinds ensure privacy while allowing light penetration due to their sheer-like material.

4. Select Something That's Easy to Maintain

Before purchasing custom blinds, ask yourself if they are easy to clean and maintain. Avoid blinds with narrow planks since they can be difficult to clean in hard-to-reach spots. This will be a vital aspect to consider because your living room needs to be spotlessly clean and appealing.

Consider theabove tips when buying custom blinds for your living room. You may also want to contact interior designers to guide you to pick the best blinds for your living room, especially regarding colors and trends.