Some Smart Tips For Sharpening Your Knives

29 December 2022
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A dull knife is not only ineffective and frustrating but also dangerous. Many people are cut using dull knives every day- it is simply not wise or a good use of the knife. Knives are tools; make sure to maintain them and keep them sharp so they can do their job.  

Here are some smart tips for sharpening your knives.

Choose your Approach Wisely

When it comes to sharpening your knife, you have a choice between manual and electric sharpeners. The ease of an electric sharpener may be alluring but possibly too harsh for some knives.   

High Angles Don't Last

Sure, you can polish the edges of a blade at a high angle for an amazingly sharp knife — but it won't last. Plus, this super-sharp edge makes it more prone to damage during use.  

Consider What Chefs Use

Do you use your knives for cooking and food preparation? If so, use what chefs use to sharpen their knives. Chefs prefer synthetic water stones as well as diamond sharpening stones, too. Synthetic stones are cheaper and don't last long, but they have an alluring price point. Diamond sharping stones are pricier, but an investment in your knives' utility.  

Try a Test

An easy and relatively safe way to determine if your knives are sharp is to test them on a piece of regular paper. If the knife is not able to slice the paper without tearing it, the blade is dull and needs sharpening. 

Locate the Belly

You should know that the primary cutting occurs along the belly of the knife, which is the flattened area located near the handle of the knife. This segment of your knife will take the brunt of the force and cutting that you do.  

Try the Burr Technique

As you sharpen one side of a blade, a burr or rough edge forms on the opposite side of the blade. When you feel the burr, switch sides and use the same number of strokes on the rough side.  

Super-Steel Needs Special Treatment

A high-end, super-steel knife needs special treatment. In the case of sharpening the blade, you need either a ceramic or diamond stone sharpener for best results. Since the super-steel blade is so tough, you need a durable, hard-sharpening stone.  

Use these tips to keep your knives sharp and ready for use. Remember that a dull knife is more than frustrating, it could also be dangerous to use.  

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